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About Us

- Shabnaz Rahman, Author -

If you could think of someone that inspired you and is a big reason why you are where you are right now, who would that be? 
Well, for Shabnaz, it was her year three teacher, Mrs Petal. Her kindness and 'Miss Honey like personality' (the friendly teacher in Matilda) galvanised Shabnaz's desire to be like her. It was pretty apparent that she needed to be a teacher. Unlike many of us who realise that our eight-year-old aspiration of being the red Power Ranger is foolish or not so enticing anymore, she followed through and became a primary school teacher. There were, as usual, many obstacles, but she persevered and, with the help of Allah, succeeded.


Being pregnant and locked up at home during the first national lockdown, she decided to do something special for her unborn child. She opted to write an Islamic storybook— what better theme to write about than the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). She prays that this book instils the love and admiration for this man in her son's heart, and he idealises and emulates him.  

- Zaynulabedin Miah, Author -

Being dyslexic and the youngest in his year, school life wasn't easy like so many with dyslexia. He spent a lot of his time in his head, thinking and imagining and avoiding his teachers' questions. 

It's not all doom and gloom for this chap. With the grace of Allah and his parent's prayers, he memorised 15 Juz of the Quran - no small feet for a guy like him. He spent many more years studying Islamic theology and subsequently attained ten years of experience in teaching Young Muslims the Quranic and Islamic sciences. 


They say Einstien was a dyslexic - Zaynulabedin is no Einstien, but he has attained a total of four degrees in Islamic theology and the life and clinical sciences with Allah's help.

During his early life, Zaynulabedin found it impossible to put together a simple sentence. Still, at the age of 16, he realised that if these sentences expressed what he imagined, it was much more manageable. Obviously, 'SpellCheck' made things easier. It was only logical for him to join his wife in writing an Islamic storybook for his son. He is now worried about what they will have to do for their next child. 

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